Beer Aged On Baseball Bats

Jul 31, 2013 © Brian Stechschulte Category: Beer, Photography

Way back in May I had the opportunity to visit 21st Amendment Brewery under unusual brewing circumstances. Three unvarnished Louisville Slugger bats were pulled out of a fermenter after the beer being aged on them was moved to a serving tank. The finished beer was called Homefront IPA, and it was part of charity project called Hops for Heroes. You can find out more about it over on a blog post (link) I published for the San Francisco Brewers Guild.


My favorite shot, just as the fermenter door was opened.


Zambo, head brewer at 21st Amendment, laughing at the hop and yeast sludge on the end of the bat.


Beer seeping out of the bat.

Hung up to dry.

  • Original VH Fan

    You are my HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You bring the bats and beer, I’ll bring the balls gloves! 😀

  • TastingNitch

    As usual, GREAT photos- Well played

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