Blending Day: Syndicate Series No. 2

Jun 10, 2014 © Brian Stechschulte Category: Beer, Photography


Over 50 different barrels were sampled on Saturday at Speakeasy Ales & Lagers. The goal: find the perfect blend for The Syndicate Series No. 2 release. The barrels contained Scarface Imperial Stout, Old Godfather Barleywine, Betrayal Imperial Red, Black Hand Stout, and Two Minutes to Midnight Imperial Stout. Brewmaster Kushal Hall pulled all the barrel samples and led the blending session.

I had the opportunity to attend the blending session for Syndicate Series No. 1 (photos and story), and really enjoyed seeing and tasting how this next batch evolved. Tentative plans call for No. 2 to be released in bottles on June 28th during their anniversary party. Follow Speakeasy on Twitter or Facebook for all the details.




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