Collaboration in Memoriam

Jan 23, 2014 © Brian Stechschulte Category: Beer, Photography


A couple weeks ago members of the San Francisco Brewers Guild gathered to make their annual collaboration beer for SF Beer Week. This year’s beer is a special tribute to Greg Miller, better known as “Griz,” who ran the San Francisco Brewcraft homebrew store in the Richmond District until he passed away last September. Griz made a pretty big impact on countless homebrewers and professionals.

The resulting beer is called Griz’s Lawnmower Ales, which is based on one of the most common recipes he gave to first time homebrewers. The guild replicated it pretty closely, but dialed up the hops. It will be served for the first time at the SF Beer Week Opening Gala. The photo above was taken towards the end of the brew day and only includes about half the guild members who were in attendance. The video below was created in support of our promotion for the beer, and features some great stories about Griz and documents the process of the beer’s creation.


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