Dogpatch Strawberry

May 14, 2014 © Brian Stechschulte Category: Beer, Photography


Over the weekend I decided to take a stab at product photography, which is completely outside my comfort zone. Technically it’s pretty challenging. Proper lighting and controlling reflections can be very tedious. One way to make it a little more fun is to create a thematic still life, and Almanac’s Dogpatch Strawberry was the perfect opportunity.

On Sunday morning I went to the farmer’s market and bought several cartons of strawberries. Then I set up a little studio and started playing around with potential compositions. Once I captured the best frame I threw it into Photoshop for some editing and inserted the background.

The final touch was Almanac’s logo, which I originally placed at the top. It was very large and strawberry in color, but after receiving a little critique from Damian Fagan, a designer and Almanac co-founder, I placed it at the bottom and in white per his suggestion.

I think I might play around with this genre a bit more. It would be fun to create more elaborate set designs based on the beer and brewery branding.

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