Faction Brewing

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© Brian Stechschulte

Many production breweries look and feel the same. Vast amounts of space are required for tanks, kegs, ingredients, cold storage, and everything else needed to make and sell beer. Cheap square footage and limited permitting requirements are also preferable. As a result, breweries are often built in nondescript locations and warehouses.

Faction Brewing is one of the exceptions. Co-owners Rodger Davis and Claudia Pamparana chose to launch their brewery inside a historic airplane hangar, on the site of a Naval Air Station that operated from 1936 to 1997 in Alameda, CA. The building is supported by steel, covered in countless panes of glass, is kept dry by a wood roof, and sits on a concrete slab etched with aviation history.

After two years of planning, fundraising, and permitting required by four different agencies, Faction Brewing opened in December of 2013. Rodger handles the brewing, while his wife Claudia manages the books and tasting room. They have plenty of room to grow, and judging by the beer quality, I expect that to happen pretty quickly.

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