Saaremaa Island Ale

Jul 29, 2014 © Brian Stechschulte Category: Beer, Photography



My latest effort at thematic product photography and design was “inspired by Anchor Brewmaster Mark Carpenter’s Estonian beer journey” to create Saaremaa Island Ale. The new beer is “a medium-bitter pale ale at 6% ABV, with Old World hop flavor, aroma, a light body, and clean finish.”  What makes it unique is the native yeast that Carpenter “clandestinely brought back from his journey, which took months to isolate and culture,” which yielded an indigenous beer.

I created the image by taking a photo of the bottle and the rest was added in Photoshop, such as the Estonian map from the 1700’s, the wooden plank, and I created the trail.

Note: this image was not commissioned or authorized by Anchor Brewing.


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